Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Logo!

After a long and somewhat stressful journey, we have finally come up with our new logo! Special thanks to Deidamiah for her patience!

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new logo! We are also including a picture of the banner we are using in our Etsy and Zibbet shops! We are loving the way our Zibbet shop is look as we are able to customize colors, etc.!

An update on the Farmer's Market...it opens this weekend and word on the street is they have more vedors booked than they have room. So not looking to good for Jo and Jimmy. There are other markets in the area but will not get the traffic that the Bentley market does.

Online sales continue to be slow however we are getting a bit of a following in the local area! Perhaps our pictures are not doing our products justice! What do you think?!

So that is our latest update! Let us know how business is going for you! Have a tip you'd like to share? Leave a comment...better yet...be a guest blogger!!!!


  1. I like your logo. That stinks about the farmer's market, I hope you're still able to get a spot.

  2. I LOVE it! It looks so friendly! Kind of a "we're you're neighbors" type feel, playful and fun, like a summer barbeque!