Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh What to Say?!

I've been thinking about my next entry for a few days now! Nothing too crazy is happening with Jo and Jimmy right now! We are nearing completion on our new logo and we are very excited! Hope to reveal it by the end of the week!

Waiting to hear from the local farmer's market to see if they will be able to squeeze us in this year! If not, perhaps we will set up a table on the street corner!!!!! lol

I've been busy increasing our product line and have created some pretty cute booties this week! Here is my latest!

I am trying to get a number of different styles and size ranges and once that is done, I hope to go after a few wholesale orders! Would love to hear everyone's ideas and suggestions for doing this! Also some lessons learned!

So thats all from Jo and Jimmy! Promise to post our new logo soon! Check back in a few days!!!


  1. Those booties are adorable! I certainly hope that the farmer's market can squeeze you in. Otherwise lots of aunties will miss a chance at buying adorable things for baby nieces and nephews!